Comic Market 78观看手册(Part 2)



Second day. Missing is a 28 page full colour illustration collection. Collaborating with Soloist (riv) for a pair of stick posters). Another full-colour illustration collection from Reitaisai 7, 16 pages, called Starship Voyager (I didn’t actually get this, I don’t think).

Yellow Avantgard

K-On! themed Kick-Ass, which looks like it might be a colour illustration book.


Sentya Illustration Book 5, 24 pages, all colour. This artist doesn’t have the most polished style but I seriously want this.


I’m not really sure what this artist is releasing for C78, but the illustration is stunning. At this point, it seems to be a set which includes a mousepad. If the set includes Imaginery Moment as a book, that would be awesome.

The Door of Arcadia

Second day. Illustration book Stella, 28 pages, 1500 yen. Preorders on Toranoana have closed (I missed it). While I am not a big fan of the character designs, I really like the colours and the other stylistic elements as well as the details.


2nd day, not much details, but you can be sure it will be something which must be gotten.


Sharing the stall with huke. Massive release is IGNITION. Full colour, 56 pages! 1000 yen.


Volume 6 of his series of art books, full colour, 24 pages.


Houkago Photograph 2, another K-On! themed full colour illustration book. 20 pages. Note: Melonbooks preorder only.


Ao no Eden is apparently a completed anthology of this story which was first published in 2007. 84 pages, probably has some colour illustrations, but not full colour.

lunatic joker

girlishgene is an all colour original illustration book. No info on page numbers, but it comes with a monochrome book, and a bag, as a set for 1000 yen.

Kazuharu Kina

20 page full colour illustration book, 500 yen.


Ao akua, a 16 page full colour book. Another full colour book to be released as part of Tora Matsuri which is a Touhou book, 16 pager also.


particle wave is a new book, but there is no information about colour or page numbers.


Of main interest is Komorebi Note Colors vol 6. This is collecting images from Dec 2009 to June 2010.

Chroma of Wall

Previous Chroma of Wall releases were pretty stunning.

This time round, we have what seems to be two artbook type releases. The first is based on Tokurei Sochi Dantai Suteru Jogakuin Chuuto Ka C3 Bu or whatever (too long).

The other book is DW, which contains artworks but also a number of other artists like redjuice, CHANxCO, miwa shirou, huke, etc. 1000 yen.


hamu’s ark03 which is hopefully a full colour book. You can also get a B2 size tapestry of the above illustration I think.

Shiranagi Masa

Following the fall of Penzenichinyo into shitty releases, this artist has taken the mantle of doing armour/weapon things for me (even though the character designs don’t approach Sumi Keiichi’s moeness).

The nature Job Masters 3 is not very clear. Possibly just character designs.


TURN is a 28 page full colour book. Full of illustrations from trading card stuff this artist drew.


Fairy Tail…Alice in Wonderland is 32 pages long, full colour illustrations nad stories. 1000 yen.

Muchuu Kai

Second day.華筐 is a full colour illustration book, 500 yen.


Second day. Identical is a full colour 16 page illustration book, 500 yen.


Has contributions here and there.

Cuteg’s own stuff comes in a 1000 yen set, but that includes the new book which I am inclined to think will be full colour. Not too sure on what the full title is, but it starts with Break.

Tohru Adumi

First and third days. Flower Dust Crown is 30 pages, full colour illustrations original book. Apparently collection of pictures with blue colour theme. Other stuff includes rough illustration book and bookmarks.

Lunade Luna

Sorry to soloista, who I misled on Twitter. one day of alice is in fact a new book, 40 pages, full colour.

Also participating in some other Touhou projects which unfortunately I don’t have much of an interest in.


P.O.D. Paint or Die is 40 pages, illustrations. 16 pages of monochrome, 24 pages of colour. Includes roughs and stuff from Pixiv.


Another uniform encyclopedia, 26 pages, 600 yen. Mixture of colour and monochrome contents.

Ikegami Akane/AMR

Goods spam including iPad cases and clear posters. Somewan! is a WORKING!! full colour illustration and 4koma book.

Indico Lite

Accent is an Angel Beats book. Includes manga as well as illustrations.

Also Art Mix 2 is a full colour illustration book.

Other things include a goods set for Angel beats, and other stuff.


Macaron Color 6 is full colour, no page count.

Colorful ice Cream! is another full colour book.


Second day. Nothing exciting for this artist personally. However, participating in the Visual Fan Book of Rin Kagamine’s Songs which features 18 of Rin’s songs done by various artists. 28 pages, full colour, 735 yen.

Fuyuno Haruaki

Catcher in the Flower (not too good at long katakana names, so not too sure about this) is the main draw, unfortunately it is 18+, but 20 pages, full colour.

cover lover2 is a 28 page full colour illustration by table-mate TABLET.


Boku wa dou mite mo Ria Takashi. 32 pages, of which 6 are colour. 1000 yen, sold out on Toranoana.


Hanakotoba, a full colour 20 page, 500 yen book about Yuka Kazami.


Note the similarities in style between these two artists. I have their bookmarks very close to each other.

New book is U.S.C. Yuka’s Flower Shop KAZAMI MADMAX ver.. Not too sure what it is, but it’s 32 pages, 500 yen.

Kinako Bou

New books include Candy Scramble and Monochrome Garden. The former is a collaborative work, the second (with a not very encouraging name) is a doujin. But damn I love the cover on that.


I have missed the preorders for Eastern Garden 02. Ah well. It’s another Touhou illustration book, full colour. 24 pages for 1260 yen (a bit expensive there).

Also selling dirty dakimakura covers of her original characters (just like a pimp).

And that’s it, people! The artist watch for 2010’s Summer Comic Market, Comiket 78, in two posts and two days!

Tinkle has yet to announce her stuff, and neither has Ben Itou.

I am sure there are some commercial releases (like Type-Moon) which would be worthy of having a look at.

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  1. 突然萌发了明年想去的愿望,,,,,,,,,努力去日本留学吧!!!!

  2. 我也是因为第一张图进来的(虽然不是它也会进)。

  3. 我想要看椎名优和望月冬留的画册啊TAT………………掌柜大人满足咱的愿望吧……(你把本子卖给我吧……)

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